• Traditional PPE is uncomfortable and inadequate

    There is an urgent need to provide our front line health workers with better PPE

    The AVAH is comfortable and provides total protection for the entire face

    WorkSafe Air-Hoods Save Lives

    A Novel Air-Fed Hood for Covid-19 Protection

    Care Sector

    Care Homes, District Care Workers

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    Health Care

    Providing Hospitals, Ambulance Crews, Surgical Staff...

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    Public Services

    Transport, Prisons, Police ...

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    Supermarkets and other retail outlets. Getting industry back to work

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    Our vision is to save lives in the current COVID-19 crisis, enable essential workers to return to work, grow WorkSafe Design internationally and create new jobs in our supply chains.

    Do you need better RPE / PPE?

    The WorkSafe Air Hood provides complete coverage of all mucous membranes in one piece. There are no junctions to leak,  requires no face fitting.  Provides positive prevention against virus ingress. 

    The Worksafe Air-Hood is comfortable to wear for the whole shift. There are no pressure points to cause damage. The WSAH does not require face fitting. There is 360 degree visibility and it is easy to communicate, there is no misting. The WSAH can be used with glasses and beards. Patients have full visibility, so the WSAH is less daunting for patients.

    The Worksafe Air-Hood is reusable and can be sterilised and washed. Reuse, makes the Worksafe Air-Hood more environmentally friendly and lowers the cost of ownership. Contact us for more information.

    Work safer, with better communication and comfort – Built by innovators.

    Phase l

    Commercial filter/fan units

    Customers can have access to the WSAH Air Hood immediately by using commercial filter/fan units.

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    Phase ll

    Optimised filter/fan delivery system

    We are working hard to develop a filter fan unit which is designed for the medical environment and has additional safeguards and features. This unit is coming soon.

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    Business Partners

    Partner with us

    We invite investors, agents and potential suppliers to contact us regarding how you can help us scale up our business to help more of the world during this pandemic.

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    Our Expert Team

    We write in support of accelerated development of the novel air-fed hood for Covid-19 protection described by Professor Mike Bradley on behalf of the Wolfson Centre of University of Greenwich.

    The Wolfson Centre’s design appears to offer the potential for an affordable and scalable alternative to the combination of FFP3 facemask and visor. Indeed, as Professor Bradley’s presentation shows, this novel design may have several design features that address the limitations of current PPE, including uninterrupted protection of the whole head and neck, ability to be worn for prolonged durations and the ability of wearer to communicate and be seen without impediment.

    Dr Kathleen Ferguson 

    President Association of Anaesthetists

    We write in support of the Wolfson Centre’s initiative, and the accelerated development of a simple, but no doubt effective positive pressure air fed hood for Covid-19 exposure protection as described by you on behalf of the Wolfson Centre of the University of Greenwich.

    As the Umbrella body representing some 70 local safety groups throughout the UK, SGUK cannot endorse any commercial aspect of the initiative however, we believe that this could potentially provide an effective alternative to the wearing of the current high level and quality of PPE, the supply of which is in question to relevant health personnel, and also believe that the design warrants appropriate consideration for accelerated development

    Norman Stevenson

    Chairman Safety Groups UK  

    Our Company News

    Explore the latest stories on the WorkSafe Design blog and learn more about our ideas and progress to make the world a safer place to work.

    July 4, 2020

    Worksafe Air-hood awarded Innovate UK Grant

    The Worksafe Air-Hood has been backed by the UK government to provide a viable solution[…]

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    May 27, 2020

    “Brilliantly simple” hood could save lives in corona virus crisis

    The new WorkSafe Air-Hood has been reviewed  by Peter Marsh of  madeherenow.com “The new hood-based[…]

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    May 19, 2020

    Lewisham demonstration using WorkSafe Air-Hood

    Worksafe Air-Hood undergoing a successful demonstration at Lewisham Hospital allowing proceedures to be practiced in[…]

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