• Suitability Test for Industry

    Sainsbury’s helped carryout extensive testing has been carried out to determine how suitable the WorkSafe Air-Hood would be in an industrial environment. These tasks include all the normal office duties which include working on a computer. Visibility when working on the computer was very good. The quality of the PVC hood enabled even small print to be read with ease.
    Answering and talking on the telephone was also easily carried out.
    Discussions with colleagues were easily achieved through the thin wall of the hood
    A hard hat could be worn easily within the Air Hood, enabling the air hood to be used in the plant where there was a requirement to wear other PPE. If a secondary mask was deemed necessary this could also be worn inside the Air Hood.
    Overhead work like changing a light fitting was carried out with relative ease

    Jobs such as changing a toilet system which required both good visibility together with a high degree of physicality were carried out in comfort and with little hindrance.