• John Colvin
    John Colvin

    Professor John Colvin (Greenwich University) is a viral epidemiologist. Viral epidemiology is the scientific discipline concerned with the study of the incidence and spread of viruses in populations over time. Host, virus and environmental factors are monitored to determine the dynamics of viral infections, the ultimate goal of which is to devise intervention strategies. John finds suitable sponsors to accelerate the project.

    By finding sponsors we can move quickly, which leads to the ability to save more lives .

    • Science :Understanding the mechaism of viral transmission is at the route of this project.

    • Sponsor Recruitment : Finding suitable sponsors and partners is essential for a start-up business, working in a fast moving crisis.

    • Public Relations :Communicating the goals of the project to sponsors, potential partners and authorities.

    • People and Organization :Providing support and common sense when required for a team of multi-disciplined people .

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