• Communication and Comfort
    • The noise inside hood from air handling unit is an order of magnitude lower than with other air-fed hood products owing to our patented silencing technology
    • Easy to converse when wearing
    • Sound transmission far less muffled than with traditional PPE
    • Face and lips visible
    • Communication by facial expression important
    • In a noisy workplace, many people lip-read to aid understanding
    Doctors testing the AVAH
    Two nurses talk easily while wearing the Worksafe Air-Hood. This allows normal work to progress as normal while offering both nurses a high level of protection. The air exhausted from the mask is filtered preventing contaminants from being exhausted.

    The hoods offer a high degree of visibility unlike conventional PPE, so facial expressions are maintained. This is important with dealing with patients.

    Wearing conventional PPE can be uncomfortable and over time cause damage to the face. This discomfort adds to the stress of already demanding work.

    Unlike conventional PPE the Worksafe Air-Hood  can be washed and sterilised reduce the cost of ownership and reducing the environmental footprint.